Community Space

Ghoomkad is an intentional community space with a heterogenous mixture of people. Some are technocrats working at Ghoomakad on remote projects, while assisting the space in whatever manner possible. Then there are musicians composing and creating an ambience as a complementary backdrop to the lush greenery within the space. Alternate methods of farming and holistic lifestyle enthusiasts comprise and complete another significant portion of the denizens of Ghoomakad.

Co-Working Space

This is a space where all the denizens of Ghoomakad and elsewhere around Dharamshala come to network and share workspace. It is called Lotus to bestow metaphorical emphasis on a centralised and important hub of activity and creation. The building is also situated in the middle of the property. The seating capacity if for about 15 people, the facilities include high speed internet, tables and sitting areas with liberal space to work in convenience. This is a great place to work out of, with potentiality to meet new people and indulge in networking oriented towards mutual interests, benefits and so on.

About the living space:

This community space can boast without arrogance a splendid view of the Dauladhar range, a refreshing pool, a co-working space, a cafe, an urban farm and lush greenery of sorts. And not forgetting the amazing people there with holistic lifestyles, adventure, innovation and chilldom! It is located in the village Rakkar - not exactly an agricultural hamlet anymore, especially with the onset of roads. The construction is made in an alternative manner - mud hoses, slate roofs and lots of peace.

What we offer

Tent Site

Situated to the periphery of our farm is the tent site, an exclusive accommodation to instill an experience of outdoors and proximity with nature. There are about 10 cozy tents all equipped to withstand outdoors. There are Eco-toilets towards the far end of the farm crafted in a manner to help obtain manure that can be re-used within the farm, all of this establishes an end to end system of logical and resource dependency within the ecosystem of Ghoomakad.

Sustainable and Organic farming

In simplest terms, we at Ghoomakad are into the production of food, fruits and other plant products using organic farming and permaculture techniques that protect the environment, public health and human communities. We also encourage patrons who stay with us to inculcate this into their lives or spread awareness about these farming techniques. The study of relationships between organisms and their environment is what all sustainable farming is about. We have total ‘zero’ dependence on the buy seeds, fertilizers and other equipment from the market. The food produced as such is highly nutritional and chemical free.


The founder of Ghoomkad, Mr.Mohinder would take you an emollient and lasting experience trekking upto the midrange of the Dauladhars. It takes a 10km drive from Ghoomakad and then a 2km trek until reaching the riverside. This is a place crafted in breathtaking beauty and bestowed with tranquility. It is the perfect spot for a picnic lunch and sipping some alcohol if you are up for it.

Trek Charges Rs1000

Mountain survival camp

The location is an exquisite one. A beautiful hut in the midst of the raw nature at the foot of the giant Dhauladhar, leading to Kundli pass. It is surreal, quiet and full of life there. It is a great opportunity to connect with nature and mountains and learn about them. Perhaps also about the self. This survival camp is all about learning:
1. How to identify dry wood. Cutting and bringing it to the camp.
2. How to cook and wash with least resources
3. How to fix injuries with local herbs and fractures with wood plasters
4. How to carry back an injured or fainted person in the mountains
5. Local folklore and songs
6. About the spirits, herbs and animals of the place – how to live in harmony and respect with them (basically how not to invite trouble)
7. Way to walk in the mountains

Camp Charges for two night Rs5000

Zip Line

This one has a lot of names, some of the most crazy ones are death slide, foefie slide, aerial runway and flying fox. (Don’t let the names bother you too much!) It usually works with gravity propelling the person over an inclined cable mounted on a pulley. The ride slows down to the end/landing naturally, as the line evens out automatically in the end. The ride is set over a wide landscape of lush greenery and rugged mountain terrain(s).


We consider upcycling as creative reuse, the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products for better environmental value. We use ‘Zero Waste’ techniques in implementing this. We have a maker space and all potential tools to practice upcycling.


The founder has knowledged acquired from his ancestors, shepherds among the highlands of the Dhauladhar region about wild herbs and ayurvedic practices of extracting medicines. Enthusiasts in the fields of naturopathy, ayurveda and herbal medicine can embark on this experience with Mr.Mohinder to the highlands of the Dhauladhar.


Volunteering Opportunities in and around Ghoomakad

The times of modern day render it important to create awareness and live the change. Ghoomakad’s appreciates the presence of hands to make this collaborative endeavor efficient and impactful. There are several opportunities in and around Ghoomakad.

Farming and Permaculture

The farmland of Ghoomakad observes the practice of Permaculture and Organic techniques of growing vegetables, crops and other stuff.

Waste Management

The founder of Ghoomakad is partnered with an organization named Nishtha. The NGO Nishtha is inclined towards creating awareness and propagating rural health, waste management and farming. You can know more information here -

Animal Rescue

Dharamsala Animal rescue is a pioneering animal rescue and care endeavor housed in one of the properties associated to Ghoomakad. They welcome volunteers from all around the world. You can know more here -


The treks are panned across various ranges of the Dhauladhar which are unexplored and have an air of mystery around them.

Past Events

- Jul 13, 2013 - Cryptoparty Dharamshala
- Nov 8, 2013 - Digital Dhasa meetup number 3
- Dec 27-30, 2013 - 30C3 Congress Everywhere linked to Chaos Computer Club's 30th annual Congress in Hamburg
- Dec 27-30, 2013 - Hacked Chess tournament for the local Dharamsala community and visiting friends and hackers
- Dec 27-29, 2013 - Wikipedia Hackathon with school children and Dharamsala geek community
- Oct 10-26, 2014 - Hillhacks temporary hackerspaces and conference hall for workshops, talks and sessions around technology, art, society, earth and life
- Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2014 - Dharamsala International Film Festival To celebrate great independent cinema in the mountains
- May -June 2015 - Second Hillhacks Workshops, talks and sessions around technology, art and society. Connecting with the likeminded.
- April 4th - May 20th 2016 - CodeCamp, in collaboration with Jaaga study. We hosted a camp for around 40 programming enthusiasts to learn coding, teach coding and make their own open source applications, in a peer to peer environment.
- May 21st -June 5th 2016 - Third Hillhacks Workshops, talks and sessions around technology, art and society. Connecting with likeminded

Explore Around

- River Manoni - Freshly melted snow from Dhauladhar range, running across the length of the village. Great for baths.
- Aghanjar Mahadev Shiv temple by the Manoni river. 20 minutes walk up the road.
- Norbulignka Institute for Tibetan arts and culture, Fatehpur (1km)
- Gyuto Karmapa Monastery, Sidhbari (1km)
- Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD), Tapovan (3km)
- McLeod Ganj, Bhagsu and Dharamkot (12km)
- Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy & Politics and children's learning center, Palampur (35km)
- Andretta Pottery and Crafts Society, Palampur (45km)
- Billing paragliding area, Bir (55km)

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