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Co-living & Co-working community in the Indian Himalayas


Friendly environment that encourages collaboration, creation, and fun

Centered around People

Creative community that strikes a balance between modern technology and preserving sustainability

Enjoy traditional mud house

For Digital Nomads

Are you a freelancer, Location independent entrepreneur, or just a remote worker? Are you tired of city life and want to work from a remote place with reliable internet? Ghoomakad is the place for you!

For Teams

Are you a corporate team or a startup looking for a workation or a team outing? We will be happy to conduct team building activities for your company. We bet, your team will love the experience.

For Explorers

Are you an explorer or just want to take some time off for yourself close to the nature? You won’t find a better place than Ghoomakad with NGOs nearby,, and lot of other things to explore nearby.


Inspiration can be found everywhere

Ghoomakad is a unique coworking, co-living, and creative space situated in a scenic Himalayan village. At Ghoomakad, our goal is to bring people back to the basics while making sure they have the infrastructure available to get things done. Inspiration flows easily here like those mountains streams that run around it. The sight of the mighty Himalayas makes sure you always have something to look up to, to elevate your productivity and work life.

Come, join us at Ghoomakad for a life-changing (oops work-life changing) experience.


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